Those who are not young any more surely remember the Camel Trophy. Considered the last “great adventure” Camel Trophy took place from 1980 to 2000.

It is always carried out in the territories rough and raw, continually putting a strain on both men and machines. The entire range of Land Rover was used in the Camel Trophy, the Range Rover, the Series III from Defender to Discovery, ending in 1998 in Tierra del Fuego with the Freelander, Land Rover’s sponsorship of last year.

Various Land Rover Defender 110 and Discovery have been used by the organizers as support vehicles.
The vehicles were used correctly in the Camel Trophy of production “standard line” Land Rover, adapted and prepared by the division of the Land Rover special vehicles to compete in what has been perhaps the most difficult off-road event in the world.

From Passion Born an Idea

From the passion for these cars and for this kind of adventure is born the idea of ​​giving life to an event to commemorate the spirit of these adventures. To commemorate the legendary reliability and robustness of these fantastic vehicles.
From here, just from Patagonia in Argentina, started in 1998, the “Camel Trophy Tierra del Fuego” and was the last year that saw the use of Land Rover vehicles for this event.

And ‘right here, in these harsh lands, pristine and wonderful part of the idea of ​​a nostalgic but exciting new adventure: PATAGONIA TROPHY REVIVAL.

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